DFSK Gelora E is an electric commercial vehicle that has a relatively cheap selling price even the price is not up to Rp400 million. This makes it very suitable for people who are looking for a commercial car at a low price and environmentally friendly.

Gelora E comes with two different options and you can choose according to your needs. Both are first, there is a minibus variant that can accommodate up to 7 passengers, the second variant is a blind van variant that offers a large enough cargo space.

Both of course you can choose according to your own activity needs. If you want to use a car to travel with other people then the minibus variant is the right choice. However, if you need a vehicle to transport goods, then choose the van variant.

DFSK Gelora E, Commercial Vehicle with Low Price

DFSK Gelora E Specifications

Gelora E has a length of 4,500 mm, a width of 1,680 mm and a height of 2,000 mm. While the Blind Van model has a cabin of 2.63 meters and also has a cargo carafe of 5 cubic meters. Minibus variants are more suitable for public transportation, employee shuttle, travel and so on.

While the van variant is suitable for transportation activities transporting goods in various sectors. This car has a very attractive appearance, especially on the front. The headlights themselves are in the form of diamond bulbs which look very attractive and also cool.


Switch to the interior that is no less interesting and of course sophisticated. The interior of DFSK Gelora E looks very luxurious and certainly spacious so that it can provide comfort. The seats have a checkerboard design that feels comfortable and makes them not boring.

Gelora E already uses a digital display with a touch screen but the instrument is still an analog system. This car also does not use a transmission lever but uses a rotary console. The interior may not be too futuristic but it still looks cool.

Performance and Features

DFSK Gelora E uses a 30 kW electric engine at 3,600 rpm. Then the battery uses lithium-ion capacity of 42 kWh which allows to travel up to 300 km. Charging from 20-80 percent will also only take 80 minutes.

The car battery has also met IP67 standards which are water and dust resistant. For entertainment features, there is an 8-inch touch screen which is certainly enough for commercial vehicles. There are also sensor camera features, parking cameras, spacious luggage and so on.

That’s the discussion about the specifications of DFSK Gelora E. For the minibus variant for IDR 399 million and the blind van variant for IDR 350 million.