Wuling Bingo, a car that fully utilizes electric power after Air EV, after introducing in China, is now also available in Indonesia. Although the launch timing in both countries is not significantly different, the version available in Indonesia has a visually appealing green appearance that has caught the attention of many. In its home country, Bingo has been available in the market in four color variants: black, white, green, and pink.

Wuling Bingo, an Environmentally Friendly Electric Car with Outstanding Performance

Specifications and Features of the Wuling Bingo Electric Car

In recent years, electric cars have been in the spotlight in the automotive industry. This shift is driven by awareness of environmental issues and efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Bingo is an example of an electric car that offers an impressive combination of performance, reliability, and environmental excellence. Here are the features that make the Bingo electric car so attractive and contribute positively to the future of sustainable transportation.


Wuling introduced Bingo as a compact hatchback ideal for urban consumers. Before its release, they had already launched the Wuling Air EV in Indonesia. Bingo comes in a compact size, measuring 3,950 mm in length, 1,708 mm in width, and 1,580 mm in height. Then, this product has a wheelbase of 2,560 mm. It is available in four color options: white, black, green, and pink.

Upon closer inspection of its appearance, Bingo resembles a typical small hatchback with rounded accents visible in various parts. However, this vehicle features a simple and modern design. The front fascia gives off an adorable impression with its use of large-sized headlights. The minimalist grille with the centrally placed Wuling logo is also a distinctive characteristic.

Key Features

Despite its small size and affordability, the Wuling Bingo comes with a range of modern features. One of them is the presence of two 10.2-inch screens with updated versions and the advanced LING OS operating system. Other advanced features include keyless entry, remote start, autonomous parking, traction control, electronic stability control, and many more.

In the central console, there is a rotating transmission, cupholders, and several buttons with different functions. If you compare it carefully, this car is not much different from the Wuling Air EV.

Battery Capacity and Performance

Wuling Version Bingo is powered by an electric motor with a maximum power output of 50 kW and 150 Nm of torque. Its top speed reaches 100 kilometers per hour. Although it may be considered slow, this speed is sufficient for everyday use in urban areas.

This electric car offers two battery options, with a maximum range of 203 km and 333 km. For charging from zero to 80 percent, owners only need to spend around 35 minutes with fast charging technology.

Price Estimation in Indonesia

In China, Bingo is available in two selectable types. The short-range type has a price tag of 59,800 yuan or the equivalent of approximately Rp 129 million. Then for the long-distance type, it is 73,800 yuan or around Rp 159 million.

Overall, Wuling Bingo is an impressive example of an electric car that combines performance, reliability, and environmental excellence. With the increasing awareness of the need for environmentally friendly transportation, cars like this will be an attractive choice for consumers.