Tesla Model 3 is one of the most recommended electric cars right now. Since the first time this product was released, it has already become a hot topic.

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, tweet about this Model 3. The tweet about the Model 3 Tesla got so much attention because it’s been a while since the company’s new launch.

As we know, Tesla has been quiet and made no noise for some time. That makes the company’s car easy to forget.

By the release of Model 3, this company slowly went back to its pace again. What’s so special about this new series?

Electric Cars Tesla Model 3, Features Specification and Price

New Tesla Model 3

Tesla is a fully electric car. They don’t do petrol, diesel, or hybrid. We can say Tesla is the US brand’s smallest and also cheapest model to date.

The newest series, Model 3 sits below the Model S luxury saloon. Model 3 is also below the Model Y and Model X SUVs.

This new model is roughly the same size as the BMW 3 Series. There are currently three versions available right now, from an entry-level version RWD, Long Range version designed to maximize the distance between charges, and also a range-topping performance variant that promises Porche911 beating acceleration.

Longer Distance

As pure electric cars, you can compare Model 3 with its closest rival, the Polestar 2.

Furthermore, you can also compare Tesla Model 3 with Hyundai Ioniq 6 or possibly higher options, such as the Genesis GV60 and Audi Q4 e-torn.

As an electric car, the Model 3 is using electrical fuel. This version has a longer distance between battery charges than its rival the Polestar.

This car can charge up really quickly at one of the most abundant Tesla Superchargers that you can find around the country. The Tesla Superchargers make the user of the car, including you, more convenient to charge the battery.

Model 3’s distance estimated range to 315 miles for the performance and 357 for the Long Range. Of course, this distance isn’t easy to achieve.

Interior and Cargo

The interior of this newest Tesla car is different from any other cars on the market today. It’s so simple with the use of a touchscreen to control nearly everything.

The front seats of Model 3 are supportive and comfortable. But, the rear seats are low, cramped, and uncomfortable. So, you shouldn’t expect adults to be able to spend and expand the trunk considerably.

If you fold the rear seats, the Model 3 will provide enough room for 15 carry-on suitcases. The generously sized bins and cubbies were also throughout the car’s cabin.

This Tesla Model 3 is so fun to drive with real range for the price. This car’s price starts at $41,880.