The Seres E1 electric car is here to enliven the Indonesian automotive market. Currently, technology is modern and increasingly developing environmentally friendly innovations. The practical choice for you is like a car using electricity. One of the cars that you can choose is the DFSK Seres E1. Therefore, you need to know the interesting specifications of the Seres E1.

Seres E1 Electric Car

Seres E1 Electric Car Supports Maximum Performance

Specifications and price for Seres E1, which was officially released at GIIAS 2023. This tiny electric car is also available in the cheapest variant. Maybe some of you want to know the specifications of this electric car. There are several excellent features that you can find out, as follows.

Collision Power Failure Protection

One of the interesting features of this car is collision power failure protection. So that it provides a sensor or makes it easier to use. To be able to detect the magnitude of the impact in the event of a collision by sending a signal. For that, you don’t have to bother to check manually.

High-Strength Steel Cage Frame Bod

The next interesting feature of this car is that it supports a high-strength steel cage frame body. You can know this from the car design section. It seems to have adopted the use of the longitudinal type. So that it can provide better protection for electric cars. Especially when in steep terrain or severe collisions.

Lighter and Minimalist Cars

Not only does it have a safer frame shape, but this electric car is indeed lighter and minimalist. The goal is to provide more space and move quickly. So it will not easily run out of power. Of course it is suitable for those of you who like speed and are anti-complicated while driving.

More Maximum Battery Performance

An interesting feature of the Seres E1 electric car is the battery. This car has the support of two types of batteries which are equally good. Both Lithium Iron Phosphate 16.8 kWh and Permanent Magnet Synchronous 30 kW. It’s no wonder that this electric car can indeed meet your travel needs.

Lots of Security Features

This type of DFSK Seres E1 has indeed got more security features. You need to know some interesting security features. Starting from ABS, EBD, rear parking sensor, hill hold control, electronic stability control, event data recording, TPMS, and so on.

Maybe now you want to have an electric car with an attractive design. Therefore, you can try to buy this Seres E1 electric car. No need to worry, you can spend money starting from Rp 180 million in the standard version.