Lucid Air Pure is one type of electric car that you can choose. Electric cars have become one of the newest technologies that are environmentally friendly. It is not surprising that at this time a lot of cars with electric fuel began to appear.

Besides being able to save on the use of petroleum, this one car is also more environmentally friendly. In fact, you could say 0 emissions. Therefore, it’s time for us to look at electric cars.

Lucid Air Pure

Lucid Air Pure, Electric Car with Many Advantages

The car is indeed one of the vehicles that support daily activities. For that, of course we will use the car every day. So, when you use a car with fuel oil, you contribute pollution every day.

The amount of pollution will certainly worsen health and can even harm the earth. Therefore, electric cars are an alternative that you can choose. One of them is Lucid Air Pure, here’s what you need to know about this car.


This car comes with 2 electric motors capable of producing up to 480 hp. This car also has a battery with an estimated mileage of up to 659 km.

Ultra high battery charging can also be obtained from this car. This car has a battery capacity of 113 kWh. The driving unit of this car is 900 Volts.

This car is the only electric sedan that can travel a quarter mile in less than 10 seconds. That is definitely one of the advantages of this car. This car is not equipped with a glass roof but uses an aluminum roof.


Of all the Lucid variants, this model is the model that has the lowest price. Even though it is the cheapest car from Lucid, it still has many advanced features. For that, for those of you who like Lucid, this car is still worth choosing for you.

However, even though it is included in the cheapest line of cars from Lucid, this car still has a pretty fantastic price. You can get this car with prices starting at $ 89,125. If you compare it with several other electric cars, maybe this price is still quite expensive, but it is certainly in accordance with what is offered.

In addition, electric cars can indeed be the car of the future. For that, it’s appropriate if you start looking at Lucid electric cars.

So, that’s what you can know from Lucid Air Pure. You can choose the cheapest electric sedan from Lucid. Even though it’s the cheapest, it’s still worth owning.