Lexus RZ 450e Premium is the newest vehicle in the electric car line. Several sources say that Lexus will release the RZ 450e Premium at the end of 2023 specifically for the US market. Reportedly, this automotive product presents a variety of superior features, which have never existed in previous versions.

Lexus RZ 450e Premium

Specifications of the Lexus RZ 450e Premium

Even though its status is still entry-level, the RZ 450e Premium also completes its specifications with a standard steering system. Call it lane tracing assist, all-speed dynamic radar cruise control and lane departure alert.

The technology that Lexus applies is even more capable, with the addition of a panoramic monitor and rear traffic warning. The appearance presents a fascia at the front, with a grille that is flanked by LED lights.

No need to worry when driving in the pouring rain. This is because the Lexus RZ 450e provides rain sensing wipers. The glass cleaning process is maximized, and there is no risk of obscuring the view.

Apart from that, the Lexus RZ 450e Premium also offers a pedestrian and intersection detection system. The goal is of course to support driving safety, especially in areas that are still unfamiliar to users.

RZ 450e Premium Engine Performance

This electric car uses a 71.4 kWh battery-powered kitchen runway. The wheel drive system uses dual specifications with a combined output development of 313 hp. This value is reportedly able to accelerate from point 0 to 60 mph.

Even in just five seconds, the RZ 450e Premium can cover a distance of 220 miles. If you calculate the KM size, the distance this car has traveled reaches 354 km. Interestingly, this speed only needs one full charge. Of course very extraordinary when compared with electric cars in its class.

Minimalist Interior But Still Charming

The Lexus RZ 450e Premium features a fairly minimalist cabin design. But still able to maintain a charming impression that is so strong. The driver will sit behind the heated steering wheel and easily see the speedometer.

Considering that it is located in the middle of the 14-inch Lexus Interface, Wireless Android and Apple CarPlay. This vehicle provides NuLuxe upholstery, and front seats that can be adjusted in up to eight directions.

Features that complement the RZ 450e Premium include ten speaker audio to dual climate control. For the most luxurious variant, it already presents amazing multi-colored ambient lighting.

The Lexus RZ 450e provides a parking assistance feature to support security. Even this electric crossover made by the leading company Lexus also equips its products with digital key technology.

The manufacturer has not provided much information regarding the launch of the Lexus RZ 450e Premium at the end of next year. But reportedly, this electric-powered vehicle is sold at Rp 900 million. Interested to have it?