The MINI Electric car is one of the electric cars present in Indonesia. You need to know that the MINI Electric is the first fully electric vehicle that comes from the legendary British brand. Because the car is a combination of iconic design and the excitement of driving typical of MINI. Of course, also emission-free. For that, let’s look at the reviews about the electric car further.

The MINI Electric Car
MINI Indonesia

Get to Know The MINI Electric Car

When talking about The MINI Electric, is a vehicle equipped with an electric motor that can produce a maximum power of up to 181 horsepower. Then for peak torque, it reaches 270 Nm. The electric motor is designed to drive the front wheels of the car.

With the power that this electric car has, the electric MINI can travel at speeds ranging from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 6.9 seconds. At a top speed of 150 km/hour. As for the battery, the electric MINI has a 32.5 kWh battery.

For those of you who will charge the battery to full. It will take you up to 4 hours to charge while at home. When the battery is fully charged. So the MINI Electric car can go up to a distance of 270 km.

Interesting Facts

MINI Indonesia is here with its first electric technology. Various interesting facts come from the electric car technology. Here are these interesting facts.


On the rim, it has a design inspired by an electric plug-in in England. Yes, it has an Electric Power Spoke rim design that is almost the same as the power jack for type G.


The electric car from MINI has an 184 hp electric motor and 260 Nm of torque. The power and torque are almost the same as the MINI Cooper S ICE, which has a 4-cylinder turbo in its configuration.

Baggage Area

Because of the battery located at the bottom of the car. This will make the trunk in this car able to provide a size that is almost the same as its MINI 3-door sibling.

The trunk has a size of 211 liters which is in the back and can be expanded again to reach 731 liters when you fold the rear seat to provide extra cargo.


Two types of MINI are driven by electric motors. This type has a price of hundreds of millions. The MINI Electric car type has a price of approximately IDR 945 million. Then the MINI Electric Collection type has a more expensive price of approximately IDR 10 million compared to the previous car. Both cars are in an off-the-road state.