Yiwei 3 EV is the latest electric car from China JAC Motors. This car carries an impressive retro look. To get to know it more closely, you can follow the discussion below.

Yiwei 3 EV, Powerful Electric Car Can Walk 505 Km

Yiwei 3 EV Specifications

3 EV is an electric car that has qualified specifications. For matters of design alone, this car plays a dual color.

Then for its size, 3 EV comes with a length of 4025 mm and a width of 1560 mm. Meanwhile, the height is 1770 mm with a wheelbase measuring 2620 mm.

Entering the interior, the 3 EV is equipped with an LCD instrument panel that measures 6.2 inches. Then there are also floating screens whose size is 12.8 inches and 15.6 inches.

Still in the interior, this car is also equipped with a wireless HP charging system complete with special storage space. This makes the driver more comfortable using the Yiwei 3 EV car.

Turning to the performance part, 3 EV is equipped with two power options with a capacity of 70 kW and 100 kW. This power capacity is side by side with batteries measuring 41 kWh and 51.5 kWh.

Due to these performance specifications, the 3 EV is capable of driving a distance of 405 km and 505 km respectively. The distance is getting farther on the long-range version which can reach 600 km.

Features of 3 EVs

Another interesting thing that you also need to know about the Yiwei 3 EV is its features. This 3 EV car is equipped with complete and adequate features.

The features start from the Panoramic Image System which has 360°. In addition, there is also a Driving Assistance System that carries 18 functions at once.

More than that, the 3 EVs with the highest variants are armed with Front Radar. Even more sophisticated because this 3 EV car also carries the Adaptive Cruise Control feature.

Price of 3EV

After knowing the specifications and features of 3 EV, it is also important to understand how much it costs. According to leaked information from various sources, the Yiwei 3 EV will be priced starting at 89,900 Yuan in China.

This price is equivalent to IDR 188 million per unit. With this fee, you have the opportunity to get one of the six available variants.

Uniquely, this 3 EV car comes in several luxurious color variants. Starting from gray, white, green, beige, and purple. Not only luxurious, but the color variants are also elegant.

We cannot deny that the Yiwei 3 EV does have classy specifications and features. The price it carries is also fair for its quality. You don’t need to hesitate to choose this electric car as your favorite vehicle.