The All New Nissan Leaf can be an attractive choice for you electric car lovers. As an electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf utilizes lithium-ion batteries and already uses electricity to turn its wheels.

Having a large battery capacity makes the Nissan Leaf an ideal vehicle for everyday activities. Until now Nissan Leaf has sold more than 500,000 units worldwide. With the Nissan Leaf, you can experience tremendous acceleration and a truly amazing driving experience.

All New Nissan Leaf with Excellent Features and Qualified Specifications

Knowing the Various Advantages of the All New Nissan Leaf

To be able to compete with its competitors in the electric car segment, PT Nissan Motor Distributor Indonesia (NMDI) has brought the Nissan Leaf to the Indonesian market.

This is a hatchback-type car that comes with a very modern look. This car consists of two variants, namely One-toned with a lower price offer and Two-toned with a higher selling price.

With a high price offer, this Nissan should be able to provide a more memorable and satisfying driving experience for drivers.

This is what makes it present with various types of modern features that can support the comfort, security and safety of its drivers. Curious what the advantages of the All New Nissan Leaf are, here’s the full review.

Optimal Acceleration Performance

The All-New Leaf can provide more optimal acceleration performance. This is thanks to the support of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is a smart and sophisticate technology embedded in the Nissan car system.

The strong performance of acceleration on the New Leaf is even capable of making this superior electric car able to cover a distance of 100 km in just 7.9 seconds.

The application of Intelligent Mobility to the New Leaf is presented through various types of functional features. One of them is the e-Pedal which allows the driver to drive, accelerate, decelerate, and stop using only one pedal.

The method is easy, the driver only needs to increase or decrease the pressure on the gas pedal. Furthermore, if the driver releases all the accelerator, the regenerative brakes and friction will work automatically to bring the car to a complete stop.

Complete and Modern Feature Support

In addition to reliable performance, this car also gets a complete range of modern features. This is because through this electric car Nissan is committed to providing a more enjoyable driving experience.

Various support for these modern features includes an Electronic parking brake, D-shaped steering wheel, Active info display, Keyless entry and start/stop engine and so on.

Sleek and Dynamic Design

Other Nissan Leaf advantages can also be see from the modern and elegant exterior. A sleek and aerodynamic design that allows this electric car to provide the best performance in driving. So it is very suitable to be carried in urban areas that demand high mobility.

Another interesting thing about the All New Nissan Leaf is the choice of body color. This electric car has a two-tone option that makes the roof and body colors different.