City Car Mini Toyota is one of the electric cars offered with new specifications. Even the City Car is now being discussed in the automotive world. Its presence now has various sizes. Both in terms of size large to mini. One that is quite popular and is becoming a trend is the City Car Mini. Toyota’s mini electric vehicle offers a luxurious design at an economical price. As for the reviews that you can get from the City Car Mini. We will send you a full review.

City Car Mini Toyota Offers Battery Powered Specifications

City Car Mini Toyota Offers Batteries

Those of you who live in urban areas should choose City Car Mini as the newest electric vehicle. Even though it has a minimalist design, it still looks luxurious. Even since the appearance of the electric car has been able to steal the attention of the wider community. City Car Mini is currently a trend in society. PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) has a new BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) based electric car product.

For information on the specifications, of course, it is far more qualified than the previous series. This mini car is not only known for its minimalist design. However, you can get a lot from this review of the City Car Mini specifications. Even though it offers a luxurious design, this electric car owned by Toyota offers a fairly economical price tag. Here is information about battery power to the exterior of the City Car Mini electric car.

Battery Power

This electric car is armed with a maximum power of 12.3 hp. In addition, with a maximum torque of 56 NM the power of the 1R permanent magnet electric motor. Even talking about the speed of this vehicle can reach 60 km/hour. Gets 51 Ah/177.6 volt/9.06 kWh lithium-ion battery support. To charge the City Car Mini battery the battery has to get around 150 km or charging times.

This method is via standard 200 V/16 charging. Whereas with 100 v/6 A it takes 16 hours. Not only that, you can plug the 100/200 VAC charging cable directly into the socket. With this battery power, it proves that the City Car Mini is worth considering.

The Price of the Toyota Mini City Car Electric Car

Meanwhile, in terms of the exterior, the City Car Mini has a length of 2,490 mm, a width of 1,290 mm, and a height of 1,550 mm. In addition, the surrounding turning radius is 3.9 m which helps drivers to operate and park it easily. Even when passing through narrow roads though.

This electric car is also called the C + Pod which uses plastic material. So that it can reduce the weight of the car to make it easier to drive. Offers attractive specifications, and powerful battery at an affordable price.

As an electric car, Toyota’s City Car Mini is priced at a fairly affordable price. Price 200 million. Uniquely, this Toyota car can also be used as a backup generator in the event of a power outage.